Fast creation of enterprise-level business applications
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A system for developing balanced and optimized production plans, financial plans and investment plans for your departments and the assets controlled by them
Financial data collection and consolidation system
The system is designed to automate the process of collecting production reports
Cost management system
The system is designed for operational management decision making. Standard reports with flexible customization of formulas for calculating indicators are available
Investment management system
We create and develop software products that simplify business process management partners are high-class experts in the development and implementation of BPM, RPA and low-code technologies
Download a complete presentation about the company with case descriptions, functional and technical features in a convenient format.
+7 (495) 369 55 10


Plan your activities for different time periods, from operational management to longer-term strategic plans

Make the most efficient use of resources in the short term by leveraging the operational planning capabilities of the 3V Platform. Plan for the day, week or month and ensure a quick response to changes in the external environment and internal company processes
Manage investment projects, identifying the highest-priority and most promising projects for financing and forming the optimal portfolio of investment projects
Investment programs management
The 3V platform allows you to create an individual account for each employee, where he can access colleagues' personal data, a registry of documents/projects, information about his development plan, and other helpful information
Corporate Applications Portal
The application allows the automation of collecting, processing and visualizing data from enterprises, such as reporting, statistics, and production data
Data collection, management reporting and analytics
Analyze a variety of data, such as financial reports, sales reports, production operations reports, etc. The 3V platform provides customizable reports, including graphs and charts, which help visualize the results of the analysis

To eliminate the possibility of errors and increase the accuracy of the result the calculation process and analysis of indicators are controlled by built-in data quality tools and calculation algorithms
External data analytics
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