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A system for developing balanced and optimized production plans, financial plans and investment plans for your departments and the assets controlled by them
The system is designed to automate the process of collecting production reports
The system is designed for operational management decision making. Standard reports with flexible customization of formulas for calculating indicators are available
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Download a complete presentation about the company with case descriptions, functional and technical features in a convenient format.

Production model planning system

The system is designed to optimize data collection and reconciliation
Standardized reports with filtering by versions and production planning periods, built-in data entry restrictions
Access to data via access management system provides information security that meets modern standards
Case overview
Optimization of collecting process and coordinating baseline data and production constraints
Collection of baseline data by plant by planning period and version
Setting restrictions for input data
Verification of initial data when sending for approval
Generation of summary reports by plants in the context of the planning period and version
Approval of initial data by responsible persons
Saving consistent data in the database
Control format-logic of source data before they are sent for approval
Case Features
Flexible configuration of checks of interrelated source data of the system
Visual representation of the checks in the report form before sending the data for approval
Configured restrictions for initial data input
Configured rules for data saving
Added conditional formatting in data tables
Maintain a version of the original data
Maintaining versions of original data in planning periods
Copying versions based on previous agreed data by planning period
Reconciliation of individual versions of the source data
Economic effect
Reduced time to collect and update data
Saving on payroll by automating the process
per year
>1 mln
Records in the database
This system automatically collects and consolidates data for 59 business plan forms to collect data from remote business units and branches and build a single data warehouse
In 8 months, we created an easy-to-use system that met all of the client's criteria. It requires no technical skills, and now every employee can easily use it and be efficient.
The system is designed for comprehensive automation of the processes of formation of management and analytical reporting of the company. The system is designed for medium and large companies
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