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A system for developing balanced and optimized production plans, financial plans and investment plans for your departments and the assets controlled by them
The system is designed to automate the process of collecting production reports
The system is designed for operational management decision making. Standard reports with flexible customization of formulas for calculating indicators are available
We create and develop software products that simplify business process management partners are high-class experts in the development and implementation of BPM, RPA and low-code technologies
Download a complete presentation about the company with case descriptions, functional and technical features in a convenient format.

A suite of HR applications for managing employee relations in the company

The application suite can operate as an integrated human resource management system and address a wide range of tasks, from managing the recruitment process to making managerial decisions based on an employee's psycho-emotional profile.
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Case overview
Automating and streamlining the company's human resources processes
Include the ability to quickly create applications for new staff
Create a set of applications for human resources management
Add the ability to manage staff relations in a structured way and through a single hub
Add a simple and intuitive interface
Ensure data security and limit access to some information
Develop a solution in a short time frame (<6 months)
Recruit application on the 3V platform
Register of HR recruitment applications
Automating the recruitment process for new professionals
Tables, notifications, forms for easy management of the process
Automation of the recruitment process, document preparation, leave management, working time control, etc.
The module can be easily customised thanks to ready-made components
Staff application
Maintaining information on labor relations for the HR employee. The application is closed to regular users and is in a secure environment. It is possible to download the necessary data from this application to the Corporate Portal application, which is open and publicly available. Also available:
Reports on incentive and motivational bonuses
Report on changes in the employment relationship with employees
Final consolidated statement of employee entitlements
Corporate Portal application
A publicly accessible application that all employees have access to
Includes useful information for employees
An employee register and cards with detailed information about each employee that can be made publicly available
Employee report with information on contract type, contacts, position, strategic and functional supervisor
HR management, recruitment is automated and unified across the company and its departments
A complete employee relations management tool is has been implemented
Module design allows to run a complete cloud solution created and implemented in less than 6 months
Employees can easily manage their part of the system thanks to a clear interface and restricted access to certain sections
Organised data collection from external sources. Set up analytical indicator calculations and added controls. Prepared analytical monitors and reports on individual analytical indicators
We have developed a system designed to automate production reporting processes, such as monitoring of shop floor plans, staffing levels, dynamics of the plan, production status, etc.
The system is designed for comprehensive automation of the processes of generating managerial and analytical reporting for a company. The system is designed for medium and large companies
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