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A system for developing balanced and optimized production plans, financial plans and investment plans for your departments and the assets controlled by them
The system is designed to automate the process of collecting production reports
The system is designed for operational management decision making. Standard reports with flexible customization of formulas for calculating indicators are available
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Download a complete presentation about the company with case descriptions, functional and technical features in a convenient format.

Marginal profit maximization application for a manufacturing company

An application to help businesses maximize their margins, optimize business processes and improve decision-making. Its main purpose is to provide companies with tools to effectively manage all aspects of their operations and improve margins
Provide a tool to optimize the resource utilization
Improve production forecasting and planning
Implement price management mechanisms with algorithms to calculate maximum margins
Provide an option to work with multiple currencies
Introduce calculation of the need for raw materials and supplies to ensure the production plan
Develop a solution in a short time (<6 months)
Add multicurrency calculation of direct costs per unit
Automate the formation of a production plan with the maximum marginal profit, given the specified constraints
Deploy the solution in the cloud
Forms for entering restrictions
By production capacity in terms of modeling versions by production units and products
Market volumes for products with currencies and simulation versions
By materials availability is generated in the context of the modeling versions
Introduced forms for entering planning figures and maintaining exchange rates
The ability to select the base currency of procurement for each type of raw material is enabled
Monthly plan for material procurement is formed by currency and modeling versions
For each simulation model a forecast exchange rate is set, and currency equivalents are automatically calculated for them
Added ability to maintain a material expenditure plan
Formed automatically in the simulation currency based on the consumption rates, the production plan and the cost of materials
Material consumption is calculated for the entire production volume
The cost of materials is calculated on the planned volume of production
Calculation of material cost plan
Set up calculable indicators and calculation of marginal profits
Automatic calculation of marginal profit
The production plan is formed during the calculation of the marginal profit, ensuring its maximum value, taking into account the given constraints:
- Capacity constraints
- Limitations of the market capacity
- Limitations of material availability
Automatic calculation of material costs per unit
The production plan is formed taking into account production capacity, market capacity and availability of materials
Maximum marginal profit is calculated under conditions of multi-currency sales and purchase of raw materials and supplies
The application calculates the needs for raw materials and supplies to support the production plan
Organised data collection from external sources. Set up analytical indicator calculations and added controls. Prepared analytical monitors and reports on individual analytical indicators
We have developed a system designed to automate production reporting processes, such as monitoring of shop floor plans, staffing levels, dynamics of the plan, production status, etc.
The system is designed for comprehensive automation of the processes of generating managerial and analytical reporting for a company. The system is designed for medium and large companies
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