Care about our clients' comfort and productivity are our top priorities. Thus, we are working tirelessly to improve existing features while adding new ones. Constant platform optimization is our key to best-in-class user experience and satisfaction.

On this page you can find the freshest updates of our product that we thoroughly develop in our super-secret underground lab. It'll be refreshed on a regular basis with the newest releases. Stay tuned!
January 2022
For forms was implemented:
  • Configuring form sources via the constructor
  • Checking the relevance of the form, workflow on the form
  • Creating pop-up messages
  • New component "text area"
  • Setting the availability of list items
  • Changing the order of actions via the constructor

In the catalogs, the ability to set a formula that calculates an attribute through a constructor has been added.

The following features have been added to reports:
  • Line wrapping
  • Using the 3V object as the hyperlink operand
  • Clearing data when cells are locked
New calculation functions and a new Geometry data type have also been added.
November 2022
Features added in this version:

  • Personalization of the application editing mode
  • Copying Form elements
  • Enabling rights to objects when transferring them by updating
  • Display the current status of the workflow process on the form
  • Starting and deleting multiple instances of the workflow process at once
  • Output values of subprocess parameters
  • Viewing changes made to the dictionary in the "was-became" format.

New functions have also been added to the report constructor and a calculation manager.
October 2022
The new version adds the following features:

  • import / export of indicators and reports
  • upload files as a platform object
  • uploading multiple files to dictionary attribute
  • use of new functions - “RandomGuid”, “RandomInt”
  • perform an action when the workflow state changes
  • setting constant values for running subprocesses.
A context menu has been added for platform objects, and the construction of reports in the form has been changed.
September 2022
New form components have appeared in this version:
  • Block diagram
  • Image Gallery
In the forms, it has also become available:
  • The use of end-to-end parameters
  • Saving the parameter mark in the address bar
Functions have become available for dictionaries:
  • Partial updating of attributes when installing an object through the update manager
  • Installation of external dictionaries in the form of standard dictionaries
For user application objects, it is now possible to form a direct link to open without a menu.
August 2022
In this version, the functions of working with the order of elements, as well as displaying html content in the form of stylized elements are implemented for reports and dictionaries. For reports, it is also possible to input seconds and milliseconds into a cell with a specified format and set limits on input numeric values.
The forms have the ability to collapse and expand report data. For an interactive map – the ability to cluster points, filter layer elements, enable and disable layers.
For the object navigator the ability to disable the constructor, select a default folder, and create multiple applications within the same platform has been added. Distribution of rights in the new design, installation of basic objects when creating an application is implemented.
Also, a Calculation Manager has been added to the platform, which allows you to make calculations related to each other throughout the application.
July 2022
Most of the new features are related to the forms and dictionaries of the 3V platform. Forms: added the ability to style text, design parameters and a new component "Interactive map". For dictionaries, more convenient API methods are implemented, the ability to export and import a dictionary with multiple related attributes and the option to perform filtering in the dictionary service.
The changes also affected the following components:
- Methods: added the ability to set an iterative calculation
- Reports: the ability to transfer indicator dictionaries to the row area
- Indicators: The ability to transfer an indicator with data by updating, the ability to copy an indicator with data
- Workflows: Added a diagram showing the configured workflow process.
- Custom application: The ability to style the "Exit" button
June 2022
Most of the new features are related to the forms of the 3V platform. Additional settings for uploading data to Excel have been added, the architecture of the constructor has been improved, a new table component has been added. New localization features have appeared for reports.

In the object navigator, the ability to view the current version of the platform has been added, as well as the ability to embed the application on the site. For platform objects, the possibility of copying is implemented so that the copied objects do not have references to the previous ones, but are new objects.
May 2022
Most of the new features are related to the forms of the 3V platform. The server and client parts of the form were combined into one object, the “map” component was modified, namely, support for points, markers for points, hints, and a configuration editor were added. The styles tab has been added to the form element and a new mechanism for opening model forms has been implemented.
The following improvements have also been added:

  • for reports, the ability to specify the column reference mark in the hyperlink parameter has been added
  • reports also have the ability to select the display only for the first element in the branch as a filling method, which allows you not to duplicate, but to display data for each element of the indicator.
  • implemented the workflow constructor
  • ability to send sms notifications
  • restrictions on the number of users, on managing roles and users, as well as limiting the user's capabilities by blocking inaccessible buttons
  • search button on the rights distribution panel
  • opening links to the repository object in a new browser tab

In addition, a personal account was created in which the user can create his own application.
April 2022
Most of the new features are related to the 3V platform's “workflow” object. Added the ability to send notifications from workflows in different languages, and in the forms - configure the check for the step and status of the workflow subprocess.

Work with the object navigator can now be carried out through the keyboard, and the available languages of the user application are displayed in a drop-down list if there are 3 or more of them. In the user application, the opening of platform objects by a button in forms has also become available.
March 2022
In this version, the following components have been improved: forms, reports, workflows, role and user manager, object navigator, namely:

  • for reports, focus was added to the filtering search field when opening the context menu of a column.
  • redesigned object navigator
  • for workflows, the display of processes in a tabular form is implemented
  • for forms, the ability to automatically configure the associated source attributes is implemented
  • when creating a user, the "login" field became mandatory.

Also added is the ability to set limits on the number of elements of the dictionary, report, form, as well as the use of updates for different applications in the configuration file.