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A system for developing balanced and optimized production plans, financial plans and investment plans for your departments and the assets controlled by them
The system is designed to automate the process of collecting production reports
The system is designed for operational management decision making. Standard reports with flexible customization of formulas for calculating indicators are available
We create and develop software products that simplify business process management partners are high-class experts in the development and implementation of BPM, RPA and low-code technologies
Download a complete presentation about the company with case descriptions, functional and technical features in a convenient format.

Release notes

A full description of the releases is available in the Releases section
Release 0.56
April 2023
Implemented the ability to connect resources to the form through the constructor.
Connecting a resource to a form
Implemented the ability to customize form responsibility for breakpoints through the constructor.
Configuring form responsibility for breakpoints
A grid is a form component that is used to create a grid of square or rectangular cells that can be filled with form elements.
The new Grid component
Designing source form parameters - report, deleting attribute data, the ability to completely clear the directory and much more.
Release 0.55

March 2023

Buttons have been added to the navigator that allow you to switch from edit mode to run mode and back.
Switching between application modes
Functionality of delegation-replacement for coordination is implemented. A user can transfer the rights to perform actions to another user.
User substitution functionality
In edit mode, you can't use the form's functionality. In edit mode, the visual part is configured, and to use it, you must switch to view mode.
Changing the logic of the form in edit mode
A tab for customizing the application menu, customizing the display of application menu items, the ability to move report lines in the form and much more...
Release 0.54
February 2023
Implemented the ability to use the function that calculates the number of the week by date.
Function for calculating the number of the week
In the approval process designer it is possible to configure automatic execution of an approval step when setting a deadline for a state.
Automatic execution of the matching step
The forms have the ability to overlay one container on top of another.
Possibility of overlapping containers
New component - "Downloading files", hiding the toolbar of the "Text editor" component, uploading links to Excel, etc.
Release 0.53

January 2023

Implemented the ability to configure the source in the form through the interface
Designing sources of form
In the designer of the directories implemented the ability to add a formula that calculates the value of an attribute.
Computable attributes of a directory
If you save changes to an invalid form model, the data will not be saved.
This will result in a warning that there is a new version of the object and that you need to re-save the unsaved changes.
Checking that the forms are up to date
Checking the relevance of alignment, fine-tuning report exports with styles, accent color, and more