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No-Code platform for fast deployment of business applications
We know how to create efficient company management and planning system in a few days. We give you simple smart tools to identify the position of your business and set up an effective system for planning and managing your company. allows you to secure predictable, effective system for planning and managing your company
Frustrated by budget adjustments taking ages and running behind ever changing market conditions?
Fed up with calculation errors leading to direct or indirect losses due to wrong coordination of the company activity?
Tired of collecting scattered spreadsheets from different departments and consolidating them manually?
Implement solutions internally helps to plan the best route to set goals using the modern No-code approach. The application allows your company or team to automate the planning process in a few days without involving IT-experts. You can manage and unify any comprehensive planning model for any type of activity: economics, production, finance, sales, purchasing, logistics, inventory, HR, etc.
Get your app up and run quickly on your own - days instead of months or years
Customize the system model for your company with no-code tools
Able to take online training and create your own applications on the third day
Excel at forming and maintaining business partnerships across the organization and between key functional areas. Expand your focus to include non-financial data, from talent management to brand perception.
Building relationships
Drive a workplace culture in which employees are constantly learning and building new skills to prepare for integrating new technologies into the workplace.
Taking calculated risks
Go beyond KPIs to KPDs.You will be able to advise on future strategies to sustain and grow profitability.
Thinking outside the box
Be ready for significant levels of change, which are intensified by a competitive digital landscape. Evolve the way of real-time decision making with agility and accuracy.
Understand internal operations and build systems that allow them to scale the company as it grows, dynamically make adjustments and prepare for the future.
Building relationships
Create loyalty and an image for the CEO and the company. Positive relationships will make great word-of-mouth, which is always a plus.
Taking calculated risks
Taking calculated risks shows confidence and helps you grow as a business leader. Embrace risk and overcome the fear of failing knowing that you are prepared for every outcome.
Thinking outside the box
Sometimes there are better ways to achieve business goals. Sometimes, the same tried and true methods don't always work. Stand out to customers and prospects.
One source of answers to many questions
Our tools can help you create and manage as complex a model of your business as you require. Experience how seamless and effortless can be things that you’ve been stressing about. Now you can concentrate on important matters. In every aspect, whether it’s managing investments or logistics, we’ve got you covered.
For investors, top managers, owners: How is the business growing? What is the shareholder return?

For economic and financial manager: What is the return on assets and investments? Is cash flow management efficient?

For production manager: How efficiently do we use our production capacity? How well do we manage our operating costs?

For sales manager: What is the profitability of our sales? Which sales segment is the most effective?

For supply chain manager: Are there any inefficiencies in our processes? How can we optimise our logistic interaction with suppliers and customers?
Budget manufacturing
Application to plan budgets for your company rapidly.
Collecting data and automatic calculations for the main reports such as Profit and Loss Budget, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Budget
Comparison of multiple budget scenarios
Budget plan fact analysis
Accurate planning is not possible without up-to-date data. Collecting and organising information should be easy, for you to be able to concentrate on more important things
Up-to-date data
Effective company management requires timely response to changes and deviations. Manual control of all the parameters is quite difficult and takes a lot of effort and experience.
Intelligent adviser
Why limit yourself to one model when you can manage several with the same ease. Our extensive toolset gets you covered in every possible scenario
Flexible multi-scenario models
The system is designed to maximize the Aggregate Net Present Value over the period of 10 years. It is designed to develop strategic plans for sales, production, repair, basic and raw materials consumption, investment programs, etc. It encompasses 27 factories, including 200 production units, 200 investment projects, and 150 products
System for data operating and strategic planning