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System for Data Operating and Strategic Planning

The system is designed to maximize the Aggregate Net Present Value over the period of 10 years. It is designed to develop strategic plans for sales, production, repair, basic and raw materials consumption, investment programs, etc. It encompasses 27 factories, including 200 production units, 200 investment projects, and 150 products
System for Data Operating and Strategic Planning
Our client is an international group of companies that specializes in the extraction and processing of mineral resources. To enhance productivity, our client needed to implement a system aimed to enhance strategic and operational planning along with investments evaluation. Our solution is able to perform this within a range of planning horizons — from months to decades. Additionally, it effectively deals with bottlenecks and determines the optimal unit production costs
Case overview
A group of companies operating worldwide, with their own production sites, manufacturing and energy plants, and logistic companies. More than 80,000 employees are working on the group’s projects, including those made in collaboration with some countries’ governments. The Group is one of the largest iron ore suppliers in the world
Client company
We developed a system that gathers, processes, and analyzes big data derived from both international statistics and the client's own filings and calculations. The system uses this data tмo create a digital copy of all business and manufacturing processes with their possible limitations and merge them into a single model

This model allows developing plans for all operational activities: sales, acquisition, production, and more, with all the necessary reporting.

As a result, our clients have a tool that helps them adapt production plans based on real-time statistics to the current market needs within a planning horizon relevant at the moment
With a deeper level of payroll and over resources breakdown and analysis, the estimated unit cost is now more accurately calculated
The companys calculations of EBITDA, cost effectiveness, and other key parameters calculations based on the mining and manufacturing data volumes became more precise
With the new system, it is easier to detect and optimize bottlenecks that might impede the implementation of the strategic plans
The system makes it possible to calculate realistic KPIs for each of the plants for the time frame given