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Enterprise level capabilities
The system is designed to maximize the Aggregate Net Present Value over the period of 10 years. It is designed to develop strategic plans for sales, production, repair, basic and raw materials consumption, investment programs, etc.
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Visual data model builder
Usage of modern DBMS (including PostgreSQL, In-memory DBMS)
Open API
Callback mechanism using .net Core scripts
Flexible functionality extension applications in .NET, Java, Python, etc.
Microservice architecture, multithreaded data processing
Optimized for high loads
In the you have a set of services for constructing a unified data model at entrypise level
Customize Your own workflows
Parameterization, filtering, sorting of data
Aggregation by reference hierarchies
Grouping by reference attributes
Intraform / interform data control
Calculation indexes
Data entry
Flexible customization of form structure by end business users
Collaboration works
Avoid installing "heavyweight" software on your workstation. In 3V, the system functionality (administration, data modeling, ETL, NSI, reporting and design) is fully accessible via the web application and is oriented towards the business user (Self Service) without the use of programming
Transparent Architecture