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Budget manufacturing
Metal production
Budget manufacturing
Budget Manufacturing is an application to plan budgets for your company rapidly.
Manufacturing costs
SGA Expenses
AR Advanced
Accounts Payable
Profit and Loss Budget
Balance sheet
Cash Flow Budget
Collecting data and automatic calculations for the main reports such as Profit and Loss Budget, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Budget
Key Capabilities:
Comparison of multiple budget scenarios
Budget plan fact analysis
Unlimited data volume. Add new items to entities and new rows to tables without duplication of formulas

Collaborative work. You don't need to share files with other members, work together on the same spreadsheet

Comparison of data with previous periods. Historical data and current data are stored in the same suite

Flexible Access Rights. Limit access for users and user roles to the whole spreadsheet or a part of it

Workflow. Set up workflow steps to approve and lock data

Automatic validation control. Create your data validation rules