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Release Notes 0.37.0

Critical Changes

  • "ExcludeTime" = true by default. When you create a Calendar (bs-datetime-ex) or Date Picker (bs-datapicker) item, the default time will not be taken into account (i.e. it will be 00:00). To include time (pass current time to item) change the ExcludeTime flag to false.
  • Flag for backend.
  • The flag indicating whether the control has unsaved changes (IsValueChanged) is set to false, if the control is "visible": false and "enable": true. If the value of the modified control is equal to the original control, then the flag(IsValueChanged) also becomes false
  • Actions (onBeforeClickActions) are performed before rules (SubmitValidateRules)
  • When setting up a server search, if item(bs-input) was configured as a numeric(type: "number") or as a text area(type: "area"), then such item becomes a text item(type: "text"). Check and replace with bs-textarea and bs-number respectively!

New Features

Methods for deleting a directory
Added methods that allow you to check if this object is not used in others when deleting a directory.
Import/export of directory with multiple unrelated attributes

Added the ability to export and import a reference book with multiple unrelated attributes. The export is done using the "Export Template with Data" button, which is located in the "Export" drop-down list.
Customizing styles to group
The interface includes functionality for configuring styles on grouping elements. The style is created through the right control panel
Ignoring empty areas when building a report
If the area added to the columns does not contain displayed columns and does not contain nesting, then it will not be displayed when building the report.
Component Separator
Added new component "Separator". The component can be set to height, color and types such as:

  • Solid
  • Dotted
  • Point
Component hints
Added a setting that allows you to customize tooltips for components.
Localization for item titles
Added the ability to set different titles for elements depending on the enabled platform language. For buttons, it is possible to set such a setting for prompts.
Forming the base part of a link through an expression
Added the ability to create a basic link part for actions and expressions.
Export setting separately for each sheet
Added the ability to customize a printable in .xls format separately for each sheet.
Refinement of search in the navigator
  1. "Collapse all" / "Expand all" is displayed by clicking on the ellipsis next to the navigator
  2. Search by type:
  3. to select one object on the panel, just click on it with the mouse cursor
  4. to select multiple objects from the panel, hold down shift or ctrl
  5. to select objects that are not on the panel, open the select
  6. Search by identifiers is enabled with a checkmark in the "Only by ID" field
  7. Marks are set on all objects by clicking on "All types". In this case, the search is performed on all types of objects in the system.
App Navigator
Selecting the first available item in the default menu
If the user does not have rights to an item in the default lookup, the first one available to him is displayed.
Using the new default forms
When you open a custom navigator, the new forms are used by default.
Preserving folder hierarchy when transferring objects
The folder structure is preserved during the transfer.
  • If there is no object or folders at the stand where objects are transferred, then the entire structure is transferred: new folders and objects are created in them.
  • If there is a target object at the stand where the objects are transferred, then the changes in it are transferred without changing the parent folders
  • If there is no target object at the stand where the objects are transferred, but there is a parent folder, then the object will be created in this folder
Icons for data types
Added icons for data types in all constructors
Report constructor
Changing the width of blocks
Added the ability to change the width of blocks when setting up a report or indicator in the constructor.
Finding directory attributes
Search by dictionary attributes has been added to the interface of the constructor and the modal grouping window.

  • The search is performed by the name and identifier of the attribute.
  • Related attributes are not searched.
  • The search is performed by the attributes of all directories with the display of the hierarchy.
Correction of the header when deleting a reference from the line area
Changed the logic of removing the directory from the sidebar.

  • If only the attribute of the catalog to be deleted is added to the column area, then the entire element is deleted.
  • If nesting of directories is added in the column area, among which there is a deleted one, then only it is deleted, without affecting another dictionary.
  • If the catalog to be deleted is present in the indicator, then the filtering that was configured in the row area is transferred to the indicator catalog.
Form constructor
Selecting an attribute from a data source
Added the ability from the constructor to select an attribute for a control in forms.
Change the logic of the "Save" button
When you click the "Save" button, the card is refreshed, but the design mode does not close. The design mode is closed by clicking on the "View" button.
Dictionary constructor
Positioning to the current folder when a linked attribute is selected
For the convenience of users, the logic of select has been changed to find the required reference. Now, when opened in the hierarchy, the current folder opens with expanded children.