Confidence in the
journey to your
business goals

The world around us is changing faster than ever. Moving towards their goals entrepreneurs, companies, and teams need a clear vision of the business performance.
Implement solutions internally helps to plan the best route to set goals using the modern No-code approach. The application allows your company or team to automate the planning process in a few days without involving IT-experts. You can manage and unify any comprehensive planning model for any type of activity: economics, production, finance, sales, purchasing, logistics, inventory, HR, etc.
Getting your app up and running quickly on your own - days instead of months or years
Customize the system model for your company with no-code tools
Ability to take online training and create your own applications on the third day
Benefits for
CFO the Leader
Fund, enable and execute on domestic and global expansion strategies and build a financial model to succeed across geographies.
CFO the Strategist
Focus on strategic activities enhancing business performance and shareholder value by delegating critical, yet mundane, finance functions while still maintaining control.
CFO the Steward
Get a more consistent, holistic, real-time view of risks and regulations that could undermine strategic choices. Increase efficiency and maintain a cost-effective organization while keeping pace with fast growing revenue.
CFO the Catalyst
Provide financial perspective on innovation and profitable growth. Enable management and manager's access to financial information to make effective business decisions.
Benefits for
CEO the Leader
Focus on revenue and company growth, reduce costs, re-evaluate and reinvest in workforce, focus on customers and improve profitability.
CEO the Strategist
Increase business value through financials, product quality and company reputation, and execute on expansion strategy while maintaining an efficient and cost-effective organization.
CFO the Steward
Delegate productive tasks and focus on providing employees with everything they need to excel in their jobs.
CEO the Catalyst
Develop a truly collaborative work environment. Enable employees and departments to share information, leverage each other’s strengths and tap available resources in the most efficient manner.
Benefits for
Controller the Custodian
Focus on governance, ensure compliance and controls are in place, and stay compliant with tax and regulatory changes across the world with automatic upgrades and built-in capabilities.
Controller the Bookkeeper
Focus on accounting operations, from transaction processing through financial close and reporting. Streamline and automate day-to-day accounting and financial operations eliminating slow, error-prone manual processes.
Controller the Business Partner
Organise so that you can operate at a strategic level by enabling self-service; spend more time working through and advising on the financial and control implications of delivering the strategy.
Controller the Commentator
Tell the business story in numbers using variance analysis, KPI's, custom reports using real-time data and information that helps management make better decisions.
One source of answers to many questions
Our tools can help you create and manage as complex a model of your business as you require. Experience how seamless and effortless can be things that you’ve been stressing about. Now you can concentrate on important matters. In every aspect, whether it’s managing investments or logistics, we’ve got you covered.
For investors, top managers, owners: How is the business growing? What is the shareholder return?

For economic and financial manager: What is the return on assets and investments? Is cash flow management efficient?

For production manager: How efficiently do we use our production capacity? How well do we manage our operating costs?

For sales manager: What is the profitability of our sales? Which sales segment is the most effective?

For supply chain manager: Are there any inefficiencies in our processes? How can we optimise our logistic interaction with suppliers and customers?
Budget manufacturing
Application to plan budgets for your company rapidly.
Collecting data and automatic calculations for the main reports such as Profit and Loss Budget, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Budget
Comparison of multiple budget scenarios
Budget plan fact analysis
System for data operating and strategic planning
Material Costing (coming soon)
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