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Configure an app
You can configure your application by creating reports and forms, performing calculations between indicators and visualizing data.
In the following articles, you will get to know how to build an application based on your data (e.g., from an Excel model).

Data Sources Overview
Usually working with a table we operate with rows, columns and data. As a rule, in one or more of the first columns of the table we can see the items belonging to one or more lists (dictionaries).

The column headers are also specific lists of items (dictionaries).
The area at the intersection of rows and columns contains certain data, which in 3V.APP are called indicators.

If you see data of one type and one unit in your table, it is data of one indicator. That is, the sources of data for building the report are dictionaries and indicators. Let's consider what dictionaries and indicators mean and how to create them in the following articles to begin creating your report.

Dictionaries Overview
Create a Dictionary
Create a Calendar Dictionary
Indicators Overview
Create an Indicator

Reports Overview
A report is a way to present data in a table view. Reports can be used to enter and display data as well as to perform various calculations.

Next we will help you to learn how to repeat an Excel spreadsheet in a 3V.APP report.
Before going on to the following articles, we recommend that you read the information in the article Data Sources Overview and then proceed to create the report.

Using the report constructor you can configure a report of any complexity.
Read the following articles to learn more about report creating and report constructor features.

Create a Report by configuring Rows and Columns
Configure Parameters
Add Calculations
Aggregation of Dictionary attribute
Aggregation of Indicator data
Calculation of Formulas
Add Totals
Set up the Report View
Configure grouping

Forms Overview
Article in progress

Calculation Methods Overview
Article in progress