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Enterprise level capabilities
Rapid model changes in a short time
Integration connectors for various sources
Data collection workflow​
User-generated data entry forms for business units
Accurate planning is not possible without up-to-date data. Collecting and organising information should be easy, for you to be able to concentrate on more important things:
Up-to-date data
Why limit yourself to one model when you can manage several with the same ease. Our extensive toolset gets you covered in every possible scenario, simultaneously:
Flexible multi-scenario models
Easy data loading from spreadsheets
Model templates for different areas of businesses
Several calculation models
Like your favourite spreadsheet, but better
Copying of data by version
Input of exchange rates; Input of incoming balances
Forms for setting up key analytics (business units/counterparties, budget items, data versions)
Control of each indicator according to the set rules
Real-time rule-based scanning of data
Self-service report designer
Export reports to print-ready whitepapers
​Access to reports from different devices
Clarity and presentation matters as much as every other aspect. This may come in the form of the real-time analytical dashboard updates, as ready-to-print reports or any other way you want:
Reports & Dashboards
Effective company management requires timely response to changes and deviations. Manual control of all the parameters is quite difficult and takes a lot of effort and experience. The Intelligent adviser generates recommendations to help you update your work plans according to the ever changing conditions: ​
Intelligent adviser
Graphical data modeling designer (directories, multidimensional indicators)
Maintenance of normative and reference information (NSI)
Single planning workspace
Our tools have no boundaries for your employees to work together and collaborate as effectively as possible:
A single source of truth
Only verified and approved data allows you to make the most effective plans. Each data cell in the model has information about its history:
Friendly UI for collaborative work
Single workspace for planning by all business units
Access rights for various users and roles
Data tracing by steps of the calculation model​
Data approval
History of changes
Calculation of indicators and aggregation by rules, logical and arithmetic control, forecasting of indicators
Calculation and data processing
Transparent Architecture