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Case overview
Our client is one of the biggest oil, gas, and energy companies in the world that consists of more than 30 entities, and each one contributes to the company’s information flows. These flows lacked transparency, and only employees with software development skills were able to operate the data processing system and configure reports. High barrier of entry and expensive maintenance was becoming a liability. So we created a system that provided the employees with a flexible report tool, made the flows transparent, and reduced the software ownership costs
Client company
An energy, oil, and gas holding with 38 subsidiaries and 477 thousand employees. The group operates in more than 20 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America
In 8 months, we created an easy to use system that matched all the client’s criteria. It requires no technical skills and now every employee can use it with ease and be efficient.

Meanwhile, the system is elaborate enough to create reports based on any number of parameters. The processed data is formed into dashboards that improves the decision-making process for the company management.
Software cost ownership decreased fourfold
Instead of 4-6 weeks new reporting forms take only 1-2 weeks to create and process
A new flexible constructor for management accounting is easier to use
CapEx decreased and partially moved to OpEx which resulted in $1.4 billion savings in software operations
ROI in capital goods increased by 0.1%
Operational risks decreased by 2%