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Metal Production Modeling System

The system is designed to develop balanced and optimized production, financial and investment plans on the level of the company's sites and assets under their control. It also generates consolidated plans for the company as a whole
Case overview
Our client is a part of a large mining and steel manufacturing group of companies. The company’s IT infrastructure was not meeting the growing need for effective process optimization. On client’s request, we developed and implemented a system that analyzed manufacturing data on a basis of thousands of variable parameters and provided well-balanced manufacturing, financial, and investment plans and forecasts to maximize the company’s profit
Client company
An international company, one of the world’s Top 30 steel producers. It operates 98 units in the Russian Federation, the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Kazakhstan. In 2020, the company produced more than 13 million tons of steel
We updated the company’s IT infrastructure with our system that is based on mathematical modeling. It gathers and validates data with more than 79,000 parameters taken into account. This data is used to create planning and prediction models for each of the metal production stages; each of the models is accurate enough, with an error rate of 1%. This is a high level of precision. The representations form a single balanced model aimed for the enterprise profit maximization

The system delivers detailed plans and forecasts for all the production stages and all the departments. These plans and forecasts are created depending on the current working environment and limitations: from the mined ore chemical composition to the external market demands. Based on department and stage plans, the system forms the global plan that aims to maximize the company’s profit
Decision-making process became faster and more transparent for all participants at all levels
More than 79,000 variable parameters are calculated
The client’s profit increased: our system implementation provided for over $8.25 million of additional yearly profit
The system requires only 5 hours to create a monthly plan
Plans are generated over the weekly, monthly, and yearly horizon
Processes at all stages of manufacturing are well optimized